Move the World

Crying, tears, no stopping this tidal wave
Of who knows what emotion?
Tiredness, hunger, pain
Or crying for crying sake
Does it matter?
All I can do is hold you
And tell you I’ll move the world for you


Tea hot on my tongue
Drive the tiredness from these bones
Forget the day gone
I’ve longed to see you
Curled up and smiling at me

Little Play

Late at night
Waiting for the baby to wake
Clock ticks
Breath soughs
In and out
And who watches;
Who notices this little play
In a tiny corner of the known universe?
I do

Moon looms

Moon looms large over our little lives,
Calling for us to reach beyond our grasp -
And grow the stronger for it

We are all the same

We can either start with the premise that we are irreconcilably different,
Or we can work on the assumption that we are all the same,
And in the others’ shoes would do just the same -
I choose to believe the latter


The most exciting idea, the most terrifying thought, is nothing next to the calming power of watching your own breath, and realising it is not you doing it.


Laughter can brighten the darkest moment.

Learn something new everyday

Never stop learning, stop growing. New experiences keep life fresh and exciting.

Find your passion

Find your passion and your every day will be enriched by it.

Be kind to others

We are all the same, we just start in different places. Some never got to learn what you have. Be kind to them.

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