Good intentions

In this blog I’ll try to write down all my thoughts, ideas and questions about life. Hopefully the act of writing them down will give some answers, as I reflect my musings in the Zen Mirror that is this blog site.

More than anything I hope that this blog will help me and any other readers/contributors to learn from my experiences and the experiences of others that I write about.

Good Intentions

A friend of mine has always said that he doesn’t believe in discipline. As he’s a rather deadly martial artist I didn’t feel like arguing with him and besides, as he elaborated I saw that his thinking made a lot of sense.

If you wish to get better at press ups or what-have-you, you can force yourself to do them. But this kind of motivation is short lived. Eventually you’ll have a bad day and just stop. And this doesn’t just go for physical training; it applies to all sorts of good intentions. Any long term progress must be driven by something more. Call it passion, call it inspiration, call it a force of growth beyond yourself.

I am not talking here about something you’d quite like to do. I’d quite like to play the piano. But guess what, it’s never happened. But I really, really wanted to learn martial arts, and I’m still training 6 or 7 years later. So there definitely has to be an element of personal Will here. It is my belief that you must make this Will or intention resonate deep down in your very being. But is that all that is required?

Any thoughts welcome!

I have decided to write this blog as often as I can. The question is: have I really decided to do so, or is this just one of those ‘would be nice intentions’? Only time will tell…


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