The gift of snow

Snow falls – so quiet, so still.
A blanket on words,
No plans, no arguments can shift its weight,
Frantic limbs stiffen and cool,
Wagging tongues cease –
Just the crunch, crunch of footsteps in white,
And a muffled gasp as some bright new vista greets the eyes.
It’s a new world today,
A world that holds no truck with fast lives,
Tracking here and there in a quest for who-knows-what.
Here we must sit still and find another answer,
This is the gift of snow
As it falls, quiet and still.



The cold moon stood over the frozen figure,
His tears suspended like stars unfallen
From frigid cheeks,
But do not grieve for him –
His spirit flies with the wisp of frosty clouds,
The blackness of space is calling,
No care for the rigid body he leaves behind
Let them find it, ticks the final thought
As the clocks in his mind whir down,
A statue to pass the test of time,
An example of what happens
When you achieve a moment of

Not alone


Sometimes life is so beautiful you have to share it
Maybe the sky has turned a vivid pink,
The trees are made out of icing sugar,
The crescent moon seems to be looking right back at you,
A red piece of litter is so bright it stabs your senses,
A seagull’s cry sends shivers down your spine-
These are the moments you know something inside has come alive
And though no camera can capture the scene
No words of poetry can bring it back
For this moment, right here, right now
You are not alone.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected