With Darker Pen

Bees of doom
Do gather round,
A man beset by worries beyond his ken,
The future told through eyes of fear,
History rewritten with darker pen,
In times like this it pays to stop,
And heed teachings of the wiser man
You were yesterday:
Take a breath and think of all those
Far worse off than yourself,
It’s all a thought, it’s all just you
The day still shines or clouds as it will,
There is no reason for your pain,
It simply is,
And in that acceptance, that disdain

The Red Fox Runs…


The light that shines too bright is no light at all,
Harsh, controlling, knife to the eyes that would see;
Negative, overexposed, a tyrant,
But deep in the wood a red fox runs,
Evading stumbling hunters
Who would rend it, shoot it,
Hang its dead carcass on the wall.
But ever its secret wisdom will evade them,
Down the rabbit hole to the deepest place,
Until the hunters woo their quarry he shall not be caught,
They must seek the fox within,
Now they hunt themselves.


The Eye that sees everything but itself

An image remote, floating in a pond
Like the moon seems far away,
But it is right here-
At hand in the centre of life,
Like the eye that sees everything
But itself,
This is the true self with no name,
There is no need to find it,
It cannot be found for it cannot be lost,
It is what you are-
Acting, thinking, living

All by itself.


Evil is not a monstrous force
Dwelling in fire and brimstone,
But a stuttering and faulty thought
Haywire with our morning coffee.
We fan it to life with opinions
We repeat from the hourly news,
We give it wings with our thwarted frustration
At the endless grind each and every day
For a better life.
Evil is a confluence –
A spinning whirlpool of chance events
Draws it in from all corners,
And we cry and point and say how could this be?
Blind to the tipping points we carelessly tread on
When we forget-
Compassion, courtesy
Awareness of ourselves and those around us,
There is really nothing we can do
About gun-men in America,
So let’s all relax
And let that next car pull out when he signals,
Wave back at the child in the park,
And not try so hard with words and frowns
To make the world a better place,
For we’ve already done so
By being our normal, sane selves

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (film)

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What if this was Groundhog Day?

What if we were condemned to only ever see this one day?

To never know the future we dream of…From the lottery of our lives, which day would we live? A day on the beach in the Bahamas? Or sleeping on the terminal floor of an snowed in airport? And should that make a difference?

All happiness is relative – but if you had only this one day what would there be to compare it to?

Its Groundhog Day. Live the day you’ve been given.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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