What is Love?

Image credit, markandhelen.org.uk

In all this time,
As I walked a lonely landscape,
Thoughts captured only by the prism of my own awareness,
I was content to be alone.
Perhaps I’d stop along the way,
With friends or lovers a passing fancy,
But always their steps would part from my own,
Nothing would hold me back,
From this adventure I was determined to have,
The future man I was determined to become.
Well it turns out that he prefers life shared with another’s eyes,
Two viewpoints overlapping, enriching,
Dancing alone now seems an empty pursuit,
Poetry that only means something read to another-
Not in slavish dependence, or jealous possession,
But feelings shared between two wanderers
Who have decided to wander this lonely earth together,
Through the wilderness of changing fortune,
Each strong enough to stand alone,
Yet deciding not to,
Hand in hand by choice, not need-
And this I think, when all else is left behind,
Is what love is.

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