Future Lives

I’m in a capsule,
Leaving all I know and love far behind,
No going back- these existences like sand dunes
Rising and falling each in it’s own infinity,

Lives so close yet never touching,
I search for just the right one, not too hot nor cold,
Or did I leave that perfect one behind

Forever out of reach?
There’s no shortage of friends to help
Me travel onwards,
On each I bestow the power to travel with me,
Into unknown futures of time and space,
Over the waves, on the other side of the dune
To the next existence,
Home seems so far away now,
So far from where we started,
We’re still in love with that idea,
The idea that’s taken me across mountains,
Past death and into new life-
Long may it’s call carry me on,
Past the next dune.


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