Haiku #31


A haiku a day

is as easy as breathing,

and almost as rewarding!


Haiku #30


In your own hands lay

the answer to all questions,

just pick up the pen

Haiku #29


Girl who got away,

just a projection of self

yearning completion

Haiku #28


What you’re looking for

you will find in abundance;

So look for good things!


Empty Hand

The eyes just see,
the brain just thinks,
of the mind there is no trace;
a thought that comes and goes,
in this space
that holds all things,
in the palm of an empty hand.

Haiku #27


Good or very bad,

happiness is relative,

once you’re used to change

Haiku #26


My reflection is useful,

but it is not me,

what I am cannot be known

Haiku #25


A man is measured

not by his great achievements,

but his everyday actions

Haiku #24


We are born falling,

like a diver in the air,

to the sea’s embrace,

The Way of the Warrior

Label the world and you lose it,

Name beauty and you create ugliness,

Claim goodness and there also is evil,

But accept death and you embrace lifeā€¦

This is the way of the warrior.

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