No Judgement

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Here’s an extract from the poetry section of my blog, which I have been pondering recently. Though when I wrote it I had something entirely different in mind, it now appears to me to be pointing to that simple state of mind, to the peace that at some level we all crave. It is called many mysterious names,  such as Enlightenment, Satori or No-mind, but in reality it is perhaps the simplest and must humble of things…a state where we allow the mind to be, and take its course like the tumbling boisterousness of a mountain stream.

First thought uncaring
And the next without attachment
A simple thing, no judgment
Couched in a thousand words
Of mystery
All pointing to a humble home

Even if that course is unwelcome, even if all our thoughts turn in judgment upon our self, still we must let it flow. And in that giving in up of control, in that release, a completely different state of mind becomes possible. The answer here is no judgment, even of judgment itself.


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