Rant at philosophers/Philosopher’s rant

Fine toothcomb through a desert of sand,
A microscope focused in all the wrong places,
Its owner stumbling over rocky ground,
Myopic vision missing the glory undivided,
The creature of deep meaning immune to the blade,
So many writers, so much wisdom,
Heavy tomes weigh down the mystery of age,
And spawning yet more,
Such as the question; was it worth it?
To use such long words to capture meanings,
Better expressed by old eyes in a young face,
A smile quick in sadness as in joy,
Shall I add my two pennies, I’d rather not-
Times a wasting and waves are bobbing far from shore,
Life is sweet and I’m not afraid of death,
Nor mistakes, they’re my friends every one,
When I’m depressed I ask why,
And look for the breaking of the storm to come,
New life’s born from every end,
Dash these stones to build stronger tower,
To better see my future flaws,
And aren’t they wonderful in a funny kind of way?
Without this road we’d have nowhere to go,
No boots to wear out on the travelling
Over next hill to wonders yet unseen,
I know I have nowhere I need go,
But I won’t turn my back on all that’s arriving fast,
Not when it’s happening right here,
So write on philosophers if you dare,
The world is full of great plans and planners,
Skilled architects convinced they made this so,
But plan me this:
A life of adventure where no day’s the same,
And I’ll never know – good or bad,
What’s coming next…?
Oh look, it’s already done,
I’m a man, a planner too
The deal is done and I accept it,
But richer journey it has become,
Control evading control,
I’ll breathe out and you breathe in,
And let’s greet her together,
Here she comes, dainty Future’s step,
And isn’t she a lady all aglow?

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