Growth by destroying the future
Is not growth
It is theft from children
Not yet born



What do you absolutely need?
Make a list
Everything else is slowing you down


When enough is never enough,
There is never enough
To go around.


Flirty thirty?
At thirty three I flirt with nought but age.
With youth burned away so brightly,
Can we believe there’s more ahead than left behind?
Piled up memories like weights in the deep
Above a foggy dawn split by sea
And bursting lungs bound to rise,
Gasp and grasp at life-
Choking children to keep our place,
Masters who teach no students to excel them.
I’ve had enough of being myself
Its time to try someone else,
So thank you age for making it so,
Warp drive to alien stars.
No choice left but to abandon ship
And find what’s waiting behind the curtain
Of life not yet lived –
The old man I’ll become.
I hope he has something good to say
And regrets not a single day,
Mistakes and triumphs all the same
Because they made me him.

Trial & Error

Close to the cold grave
Is he with no more to learn,
Much better the heat of life’s mistakes –
Trial and foolish error,
Than the man
Who calls himself wise

Jekyll and Hyde

These words I must get out
Before they pile up in my head
Before Hyde takes Jekyll by the neck
And takes his life from him
Before the fall of ancient Rome
Spills barbarian me upon this life I love
These words must captured on printed page
Bars of electric fire between their strength and me
Just let me sleep

Remembrance Day

On this day, steeped in history
Flows once more the blood of heroes,
Those who by misfortune
Of birth, ill luck or destiny,
Found themselves young men in times of War,
And with what little of their life remained
Made good so none could say-
They did not give all when country called,
Turn back from the fray,
Or leave bloody duty to other men.
They stood and fell
In fields of France,
Mountains of Italy,
Buried in the desert sands in a land they never knew
But for war.
They fought and died
For nought but pay and pride,
Yet served a greater cause-
That we might sleep without fear,
That the world would sail on better course
And evil men would flee rather than fight these men,
Who do not tremble at the Grave
If it is well earned with grace,
Without complaint or demand,
Save that we remember them.

Versatile Blogger Award

I must start by thanking both Eclipse and Seabell for nominating me for this award. I always tell myself that I write for my sake only, but it is at times like this that I confess it’s good to be appreciated.  Just being part of being human I guess – we’re social animals after all. What I can say for sure is that the feeling is doubled when the award comes from others you respect so highly.  And that in a nutshell is the root cause of much of our motivation- the wish to please parents, lovers, children,etc…but I have found that so long as you know who you are spending so much time trying to please, and they deserve such attention, then a potential neurosis is transformed into a force for good.

And now to deconstruct myself a little more and in accordance with the rules of this award, here are ten things you don’t know about me:
1. I am 32 years old
2. I was born in south London
3. I am writing this sitting in the bath (too much information, probably)
4. My favorite author is Ray Bradbury
5. My favorite song is Heroes, by David Bowie
6. My favorite film is Contact starring Jodie Foster, or maybe The Never Ending Story…after all you can’t really beat a story that never ends, can you?
7. I first started writing stories as a 7 year old, when I largely copied a ‘choose your own adventure story’ , showed it to my mum proudly and pretended it was mine! I like to think I’ve got a little more original since then.
8. When I first went to school the teachers told me I was left handed. My mum disagreed and battle commenced. She won, but to this day I’m not completely sure which hand to hold the fork in, or which way round to put in a belt.
9. I started this blog at the suggestion of a writing tutor, and have barely completed an assignment since.
10. I am currently writing a Zen Self-Help book called The Zen Doctor. See upcoming posts for imminent details!

Last but certainly not least I nominate Another Man’s Dream for this award.


Giving up the labels we cling to –
our looks, our job , our family and name –
feels a lot like dying.
But it is only by giving up everything we think we are
That we can experience ultimate freedom.
Freedom from loss,
Freedom from fear itself…

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected