Movement; the pen; the sword
Is there any difference?
A fusion beyond knowledge,
Breath in and step
As if a hand had pushed
At precisely the right moment,
As if you were always meant
To take this action;
A destiny uncovered
By your own sweat and tears
And the hand that pushes…


The Blank Page

The blank page: an invitation,
To fill the tick-tock of unused time,
A task to complete;
An outlet for thoughts that want to spread
Like prints across untrodden snow…
Until they slowly melt away.
Such are these words, such is life;
A moment swiftly passing;
A bird on the wing
In clear sky


Age has taken strength,
Nothing has come to fill what’s left behind,
But silent weariness
and a lonely death…

But with wisdom;

A gift greater than silver hair
Is given to those with kind, wrinkled eyes,
And hands that have worked a lifetime,
To make living life worthwhile.


Egypt – land of the pharaohs;
Age after age,
Sand falling on sand,
Till time loses all meaning
And only the river;
Ever moving,
Ever still life giver,
Can find us:
The reflection of a crescent moon
On still water

Thank you to all the people of Egypt for making me so welcome in your beautiful country…My hopes are with you for your transition to a new, better government and prosperous future.

Happy New Year!

New Year;
New resolutions-
To make this year the best one yet-
To gather future stars;
And have them all arrayed
About this moment we live in;
To squeeze the juice from life;
Or just relax
And let it all flow by,
Content to be a part of the greatest story ever told,
The only one we’ll ever know;
A universe unfolding like a flower
And then falling, curling
To feed another,
With the spending of its life’s blood
But we shall never see those days
For this time, and this only
Is our life

Let’s make this the best one yet!





Thank you to both Zendictive for the Liebster Award and Ava for the Perfect Poet Week 59 award! It is wonderful to be respected by those you respect.

I would like to nominate the following for the Liebster Award: insidethemindofisadora, averagepoet, wordsspeakIwrite, thenoiselesscuckooclock and pensivethoughts. All very thoroughly deserved!

And for the Perfect Poets Award I nominate the lavishly talented Kay Salady

Happy New year to one and all!

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