In real life there are few easy answers,
The truth has a habit of being bigger than the words we find for it.


The Everyday Experiment

Chalk on the board; theories in my head,
I once thought this the very stuff of life.
Where the superfluous could fade away
Till the world drew in around me like a dried prune
And I realised:
Life is the ebb and flow,
Life is the everyday experiment,
Trial and error; triumph and tragedy.
Never again will you find me looking for life in an equation,
But in the thick of it:
Sometimes confused,
Often bewildered trying to figure it out,
But struggling through one step at a time,
And undeniably alive.


Time; a sleeping horse, who runs no more,
A tree that grows green shoots no more;
Only weather beaten cliff and sandy desert remain
To speak of adventures we once enjoyed,
And twinkling stars that mock still,
Our impermanence.

The Line

A line in the sand:
The unwritten code that guides our hand.
When does dying for a cause,
Become dying to prove you are right?
I only know I’ll not retreat another step.
My pride the wall at my back,
My friend and my foe,
For better and for worse.







My heartfelt thanks for the award to this supportive community. I nominate: magical mystery teacher.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected