Change is excitement;
The unknown gives birth
To a new situation.
Improvisation demanded,
Adaption the keystone
Of this emerging framework.
Centered and still in the midst of the storm,
The faster it flies the stronger I am,
Balanced on the axis of the world.
Its equator’s my horizon
And the coming dawn is beautiful,
So let the adventure begin


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hypercryptical
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 23:01:50

    A lovely adventure in words!

    Anna :o]


  2. Chimnese
    Mar 04, 2012 @ 22:18:49

    I really enjoyed this poem esp on the change some people don’t always take the change of anything well.


  3. Jamie Dedes
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 05:33:10

    Let the adventure begin!

    A lovely poem. Thank you.


  4. luna15
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 15:36:47

    it sounded like a battle cry. loved it


  5. kshawnedgar
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 21:25:01

    We are mutable, and that is good. Yet your rhythm remains solid in the midst of the storm. So are you besting change, or riding with it?


  6. Inside the Mind of Isadora
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 21:56:36

    Very nice – change can be good even if it an be scary.


  7. Bhaga
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 05:36:17

    Well, we recently had a real cyclone here… It is better as a metaphor than as a literal event!… 😉


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