A World Wide

We cannot spend our best days at rest,
Till we find our strength is gone,
But must seek that misadventure
That circles a world wide.
For he that has never been lost
Cannot be found,
And the heart that has never been moved,
Can never know peace


Good and Evil

We honour what we see in ourselves,
And despise what we fear to find there also –
This is good and evil.


When we move, not randomly, but by necessity,
We move most powerfully,
Feel most freely,
And are at the peak of true creativity.


We find no balance by standing still,
But by moving forwards
Does each footstep find the next,
And in the journey, with all it’s wobbles,
We can can find our peace


Fear is a good servant, but a terrible master.


Ego is for communication, never comparison.


Yes, we have a fate,
It just hasn’t been written yet.


Layer upon layer of clouds like waves,
A crescent moon sails pale on the blue,
Rain is coming to fill the fields,
My heart trembles to see it.
Weather, we’re weather,
A blowing change,
Matched only by the heavens,
A mirror to my soul;
Arising spontaneously, falling to nothing.
Whose fault the mind born to marvel at itself?


To be human is to be conflicted,
Between what you want and what is needed;
A society of demands to disturb the soul.
But even in conflict there is balance,
Breathing in the deep a new way is found,
An army working for the greater good,
Strong enough together to withstand the flood,
Storms that rage only serve to fill the sails,
Of this ship I call my own.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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