Exploding Stars

We are all connected – made of the stuff of exploding stars.
The chemicals that make up our bodies have already been used by millions of different organisms in their journey throughout history, and will be used again by millions more after our death.
In this short lived wonder we should not forget the great gift of being human.
We have the opportunity to appreciate what we have been given,
What other animal can say the same?


The gift of life

Don’t do what you hate, for this is to spit on the gift of life.
Find what you love and love living,
And this more than any rule or discipline,
Shall put you on the right path.

Know one thing

Seeing things as they are, not how your mind – imagination and intellect – tell you they are,
Gives you the clarity to penetrate all things.
Do not try and master the world, just master what is in front of you;
Know one thing well and you will know all things.

Tasting Death

Through insight we gain the wisdom to know that we can never experience death.
For there is no sense of taste without taste-buds, no sights without eyes,
No sounds when the ears cease to function.


It is natural to seek, to be restless and to want answers.
We should seek these answers for ourselves until we have them,
Rather than ignore or deny them.

A blade of grass

Wisdom can be found in a blade of grass,
The tears of an old man,
Or the smile of a child.
It runs through all and is behind all,
Connecting everything.
We should not forget that there is nothing to do,
No intellectual achievement that can triumph over this.
Therefore a child has the answers as much as you or I ever could.



Even well meaning friends and family can hold us back,
Because they do not allow us to grow.
Sometimes we must be willing to spread our wings
And leave them behind.


We cannot find answers by following everybody else.
Take some time out from the world and its games,
And look within instead.

Empty your Cup

Empty your cup and open you eyes,
To all you do not know.
A man who thinks he knows it all can learn nothing.


Wisdom is like a great fire.
Some warm themselves for a while before moving off.
Others, only a few, will find a fire lit in their own chests, and they will carry it with them wherever they go.

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