We spend much of our lives conflicted within ourselves,
But he who has achieved peace within,
Will certainly bring peace to those around him.


The Maze

To live fully is to keep looking, keep seeking and keep finding,
but never getting lost in any of these activities.
To do so is to be set in stone, captured in a maze of your own making.

Every Action

Your every action reveals who you are. A bad man might wish to do good but through the habit or a lifetime be unable to do so. Look at your life every day, the little things you do from dawn to dusk; these are the stones that build the mountain of who you are. A truly good person is like a babbling brook, their water comes from a pure source so it is always refreshing.

Being Different

Build your defences high, because when people realise you are different, they may try to destroy you.
But a few will see you as an ally and inspiration; these are the important ones.

Balance through conflict

Balance is often found through conflict. It is a painful thing to have to confront the truth. Most people would rather take a pill and go back to sleep. Do not seek to turn away from the war with yourself. This is the war you fight everyday to grow, to become the person you want to be, rather than the person defined by bad habits or history.

Going with the flow

If going with the flow was easy,
We’d all be doing it.


It is our identity we cherish and fear for.
But all identities, all words, all knowledge will pass;
Nothing stays the same.
But when we let go of our small ‘me before you’ identity
We are no longer divided but whole,
Both within ourselves and with each other.

The Butterfly

Zen is like the butterfly,
That refuses to settle on your hand.
No net is fine enough to catch it,
No trick clever enough to fool it –
But be seated in your garden,
Enjoy the rays of sun that fall on your head,
Or the rain,
And it will land of its own accord,
And all its beauty will be yours.
Until you try and grasp it –
Then you will only find dust,
Between your fingertips.

Great Knowledge

There is small knowledge and then there is great knowledge.
Small knowledge is the everyday, mundane gossip
And the arguments of politicians;
Who is right today will be wrong tomorrow,
But nobody will remember.
But talk to me of love, of adventure, of romance or comedy –
And you speak to me in a language that echoes down the centuries,
Touching everyone.
So stop worrying about the small stuff and appreciate the greatest knowledge of all –
That we are on the journey of a lifetime,
And everyday is another opportunity to acquire wisdom in our quest for enlightenment.

Gusts of thought

Gusts of thought,
Do bend my mind past breaking.
Repeated wisdom offers no aid,
In this darkened place.
Far above a star shines fitfully,
The traveler’s only hope –
To give up hope,
And in the vacuum left behind,
Discover a glittering absence –
That delights in both light and darkness,
But is moved by neither.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected