A Beautiful Hurt

Some things can change you forever,
With a longing so deep it feels like grief.
I can’t tell you how much it meant to me,
Reading your book,
Knowing that somewhere, somehow,
Anything was possible,
Echoes of greatness not found in this little life.
You penned a romance to tug the cynic’s soul,
A beautiful hurt I would not now live without.

~ for Stephen


Complete Consciousness

The fully alert mind has no need to resort to rote responses.

Victory & Defeat

Can victory ever last,
When our beaten foe desires revenge?
Can we ever cease to want our way,
When we have been cheated?
There is another way –
Where abundant spoils are shared,
When we do not fear for tomorrow’s meal,
And where winner and loser labels are put away,
As the outdated terms of an unenlightened age.

Fades to Grey

Thought – a regurgitated memory,
Repeated again and again,
An image blinding eyes that would see clearly,
If not for this litany of comparisons,
This life escaped from,
Pain fled and pleasure sought,
Till all fades to grey.

Remembrance Day

This day we pause our uncaring dash through life,
How much more we’d care if our country called,
And said we must die to take some muddy, bloody hill,
Or hold in our arms a dying boy
Who’ll never now get to live,
Only guess at what might have been.
All he can ask –
A shadow of a memory on the wall of names –
Is that we remember this debt
For all our days to come.

Embrace the moment

Embrace the moment,
Close the gaps in attention,
Where life drains away.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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