Life is simple, it only seems complex
When we see it solely through the contorted machinery
Of our own thoughts.


Pleasure and Pain

If we seek pleasure and avoid pain,
We should not be suprised when we become desensitized to the things that give us pleasure,
And become prey to the painful memories of events we have fled.

Happiness Vs. Contentment

Happiness is not being stuck in a traffic jam,
Contentment is not minding that you are.

The problem is not that you are angry to be stuck in traffic,
But that you think there is something wrong with that.


One cannot see clearly,
When we have a preference,
Of what we want to see.


Unconsciousness is…
To lose oneself in thought.


Don’t abstract pain and let it repeat as memories,
Live it, accept it, and burn it away in the moment.


Past learning is dead,
Fading ink on yellowed paper,
What are you learning now?

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected