All of life is exquisite,
viewed from the right perspective.
It cannot be found –
deduced with our thoughts
or forced from feeling,
only lived through acceptance,
each and every moment



If you love something,
If you think you have a passion
Then do it everyday –
If you lose interest it was only a passing fancy.
But if it lasts, then you’ve found your fortress,
Your spiral staircase to heaven,
A muse that makes you see the world anew everyday
Because the person seeing it has changed.
Then you’ve found proof against the poison of the world
And a source of joy for the rest of your life


If we focus on our senses
Not our thoughts,
Observing and always returning to that anchor,
We may find that all those wondrous moments of life
That slipped by unnoticed,
Become ours to enjoy

The sword

The sword that has no enemy to kill,
Can only cut it’s wielder.

The undisturbed mind

The undisturbed mind;
A mind that observes both the world and it’s own inner state,
And though not immune to circumstance,
Is not pulled from its centre by it.
Because of this, it sees clearly.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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