Are we rational?

Are human beings rational or irrational?

People certainly act as if they think they are rational, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. Why is this?

The answer perhaps, has something to do with thought. We use thought to come to conclusions about what is true, but fail to realize that outside of a laboratory these thought-made-truths are not reliable. Only when all things are controlled can we say anything with certainty, thus the scientist is rational in his work but irrational in his personal life. Rationality is like a finely weighted scale – very difficult to sustain in a turbulent world.

Each assumption we make through thought leads to error, for no matter how knowledgeable we are, there is always a limit to our experience. Thus we always look to the mistakes of the young, but miss the ones we are making now. Or, in our brilliance, introduce a new invention, only to find out later it has many drawbacks or unintended consequences on the environment. There is always a lag, or a remainder left over by the action of our thought, an error we are constantly trying to eliminate, but never succeeding, because we do not realize there is more to discover, and because we are impatient.

Only by becoming aware of our thoughts, and in coming to terms with their limitations can we possibly advance, but who now is willing to dethrone intellect and put simple awareness in its place?


Forever Poor

Enjoying life involves both engagement and detachment
To see the trees I look at the sky
To see the flowers I look at the trees
And to see myself forget myself
It is this dual focus that makes wisdom possible
And helps us to find meaning in any situation

Ask yourself this:
If you cannot find meaning in any situation
Any happy or horrible circumstance of life
Then how can you find meaning in anything at all?
For if our happiness is dependant on outcome
We are forever poor

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected