The doer

One cannot live in isolation
often the watcher becomes the doer
feeling that his actions will reflect favourably
on his fate
forgetting that his destiny is a part of everything around him
of which he himself is just one small part
in this great peace can be found for the observer
but great pain done to the doer
and so through pain we return to wisdom
knowing always that we are condemned to do
without willing that it be so



The mind is either peaceful or it is not. There is no in-between state. Therefore our mind is not peaceful. Yet we cannot make it peaceful through effort. Such effort is counter-productive, it creates more thoughts. And if we cannot do this one simple thing – make our mind peaceful – what can we do? The answer is so appalling that only a handful of people have ever fully accepted it. These people are called enlightened.

The Same

Even if within, a man is changed utterly
The world still presses in as it always has
Demanding a response
Perhaps he cannot help it, if
He answers just the same as before

Guilt and Honour

Attacks on my honour
Skeletons dug up and dressed in guilt
Light bent and perspective smudged
By the answer they want to see
Shall I argue, point out right from wrong
Oppose passion with passion
And with the sharpness of my sword
Cut them down to size?
Or just smile and say
You have all the answers and I none
Or let silence do my work
Let the judgers be judged in turn
Minds that cannot rest
Until they think they have won
Then more battles they must find
Enjoy it! That endless toil, I think
Then catch the same thought in myself
And smile; we’re all the same

The Winner

How I hate the winner
Favoured in his master’s eye
One more right answer
Is all that divides
Futures already written
But give me a sword
And I’ll write it for myself
With the blood of these fools

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected