The mind is either peaceful or it is not. There is no in-between state. Therefore our mind is not peaceful. Yet we cannot make it peaceful through effort. Such effort is counter-productive, it creates more thoughts. And if we cannot do this one simple thing – make our mind peaceful – what can we do? The answer is so appalling that only a handful of people have ever fully accepted it. These people are called enlightened.


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  1. ron
    May 26, 2013 @ 08:15:53

    Ok, WOW…This was a great eye opener as I had never looked at our practice in this way. I think we all know that enlightenment cannot be forced any more then a mountain is moved by a mouse- yet we all find our-self’s trying to “force” many other circumstances in life. Therefor we cannot claim a peaceful mind.

    Dude this was an awesome point! thank you.



  2. mbwilliams
    May 28, 2013 @ 12:27:18

    Nice quote: ‘…no more than a mountain is moved by a mouse…’

    Thank you for your kind comments.


  3. ron
    May 28, 2013 @ 14:15:52

    Ok, hahahaha…..you are truly mean!!! This incredibly simple idea has had me in a little twist since reading it on the 26th. First of all I had to differentiate between a “peaceful mind”, and a “calm” mind.
    In battle we have calm minds due to two things. Confidants in our abilities from years of training. And the knowing that we will surly lose if our minds are racing with confusion or “too much mind” .
    But to truly have a mind of peace? no I don’t think I will nor would I want too.
    Because as you so astutely put it the answer is too appalling.

    I thought about the things I’m not willing to be tolerant of. Those things encompass the terrible hurt, pain and torture that humans do to each other. I’m talking about the really, really horrible things that happen on our beautiful Planet.

    For me (and just me), having a TRULY peaceful mind might (and I think would) prevent me from taking action should the need arise.

    But I’m still a learning being and maybe after a few more years of contemplating this simple yet extraordinarily difficult idea I can come to terms with it lol.

    You really gave me a doozy Mark-Thank you. Some day I hope to return the favor.

    Peace and love,


    • mbwilliams
      May 28, 2013 @ 16:23:38

      Well I can see you’ve truly thought about this, which is more than most of us manage. And even once we have thought about it, it is very hard not to kind of, shy away from the implications. I am still finding myself ‘forget’ what I know to be true – that we really have no control over anything. That doesn’t mean we can’t take appropriate action though, we can and will and do – its just that we are not in control of these actions. We just have to watch with interest. And trust in our training and talents, of course (without being able to take credit for any of them)…


      • ron
        May 29, 2013 @ 09:31:31

        You have opened my eye’s to a different way of understanding these things. Calm vs. peacefulness. Control vs. observation. And ‘Myself’ (ego) vs. myself-just being. The dichotomy between what we find offensive and love to fight against , and the throwing away of ego, or the “me” in any given situation. Now have much more to think and ponder. But what is life without a challenge lol!

  4. mbwilliams
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 19:18:21

    Definitely, a challenge is what life is all about!


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