Accepting that you can change nothing,
changes everything.



We are whatever we are focussed on.


All learning comes down to this:
putting your attention in the right place.

Paths in the dark

What if: consciousness is software,
and the unconscious is the brain’s hardware?
Then the legacy of all our repeated thoughts
Would be laid down like pathways in the dark
Condemning us to follow
The structure of selfish, self centered ego, long ago assumed to be true.
What then of the path less travelled
Out there waiting
ever undiscovered?

Dream of the moment

Rejoice in the dream of the moment
before you wake, and remember
there is such a word as time

To be happy

To be happy in every situation, what a crock!
Of course we will not be happy with a hammer on our thumb.
But when we accept this, when we know we have no choice,
no choice but to be annoyed, be angry, be afraid,
we may not mind so much,
and though our scream may be loud,
to our pain, no extra suffering shall be added.

I think therefore I am

The purpose of the brain is not for us to realise we are the agent of all our actions. This is the ultimate egotism. A sense of self was an evolutionary necessity so that external behaviours could be fed back for examination and improvement, for an advantage to be gained over bigger teeth or longer claws. The ego is merely a by-product, not the cause of thoughts, or ‘our’ actions. ‘I think, therefore I am’ is a sham. The truth is there is no independent ‘I’, just the thought that thinks ‘I am!’


Destiny, does it exist? Clearly it does. But no-one can see it in advance. You have to live it to get there.


There is no power to be gained from spiritual enlightenment.
For enlightenment is the giving up of all power,
or rather the recognition we never had any in the first place.


We all learn,
as life presents its great lesson,
the same lesson we all receive,
but reflected differently
according to the mirror of ego we hold on high.
But the learning is none of our doing,
nor is the mirror.
We are the watcher,
and could not stop it if we tried.

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