Virtuous Circle

The key to a virtuous circle of self development
And an interesting life
Is going with the mind rather than fighting it
As the mind absorbs, breaks down and categorises new life experience
We grow more capable, more comfortable, more civilised
But comfort leads to boredom
And boredom to apathy
And as the horizons of excitement and discovery recede into the past
The mind will strive for new learning
Even if it must tear your life apart to get it



Life is a complex game
A puzzle that a lifetimes teaches us the folly
Of trying to master

Beyond Control

Life is beyond control
Not out of control
Just not controlled by you

No Remainder

The Mind with no remainder:
No other minds, no other worlds
Summoned up by thought
Shadows playing across our lives
With shapes of what might have been
When that all could happen, did
And led to now


Thought claims to be an end in itself
A question that will one day be answered
But always another question fills the gap
Of the last answer left behind
And always the game continues
Drawing us further and further
From where it all began


You are the eye that opens on the world
What you see
The body-mind learns


We have no control
Over thoughts, feelings, sensations
And as these inputs
Over time form our outputs
With a dash of chaos thrown in
Our responses also, therefore
Are independent of our Will
That wishes what is, is not
A contrary flow
Adjusting responses over time
Fine tuning
Happy, unhappy
Discontented, contented
Always changing, striving
For better, or worse
Ever a footstep behind
What’s happening
Till we realise our Will too
Is just a thought, a response
An output
This life a game that plays itself
Releasing responsibility
Releasing guilt
Replacing angst
With wonder for this machine
This life, intelligence
Something from nothing
All going on
Inside and outside present awareness
A miracle for which there is no precedent
For there is no moment but this
In which all other imaginary moments live

Our reason to live for

It is not enough to live
Without a reason to live for
Not a trite reason we mouth and then forget
But an answer we strive the rest of our lives for
Growing deeper by the day
Such that in the seeking not the finding
We find our meaning

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected