We shall remember them

Bloody the cost
Yet scarce we remember
The freedom their lives bought
The tyrant kept from the door
These happy shores must not forget
Those to whom the debt is owed
Not till the last word is written
The last promise made
Until our last breath too, is taken
We shall remember them


This moment

In all the possible worlds
In all he varied landscapes of our imagination
This moment in time is all that matters.
In it can be found all the magic and wonder of the universe
And all possibilities are manifest here
In the perfectly ordinary
Perfectly extraordinary
Unfolding of everyday life.
For if one day is not special
Then no day is
For the facts of our existence are unchanging:
That we live is a miracle
That we can appreciate it is a second miracle
And that we can communicate this to others a third
All we need do is not forget it.

Change the World

Untouched, undisturbed
This life is perfect just as it is
But still I try to change the world

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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