Now to Now

Time, what’s the deal with time? When we fall into the mindset of what could have, or might yet be, we fall into the trap of time. The trap where free spirits such as we mess up our lives, doing somehow worse than we should have done. With the weight of terrible responsibility we criticise our actions in hindsight, we castigate the judgement of others, being different to our own. We reject those things in the world, and in ourselves, which do not correspond to our favoured view. We add 2 and 2 and come up with 7, we acknowledge only that which reinforces the thoughts we want, or fear, to believe. We take the ghost in the machine and torture him, we tear her apart for all the ills we find. It’s my fault, it’s her fault, it’s all gone wrong; life’s not what it’s supposed to be. As if it needs our say so! And all because we believe our story through time. I once was there, now here I am, maybe one day soon life will be better. We dream of heaven and make ourselves a home in hell.

The only answers we will ever find are happening now. That pain, those tears, that sweet regret. That joy, that fear, those anxious butterflies of anticipation. These are all the answers we’ll ever need, for what is – is, and are all that is required. There is no ideal state, no better solution than the one we have right now. So chill, so kick back, or maybe scream and shout. If it’s there it’s needed, no better way could be found for this bright life to find its way, from here to here, from now to now.


Heaven and Hell

It is our belief in heaven
In some foreign place
Some other time
That creates hell
Here and now

Nothing is Missing

To be human is to be impermanent
Everything changes, sometimes on a daily basis
In all this change what can we hold on to?
This central preoccupation has possessed mankind for millennia
Gods, Egos and all our clever creations
Have failed to meet this basic need
For an anchor
And so we come back to this present moment
Thoughts come and go as they must
Other people come and go as they must
Our happiness comes and goes as it must
But we are still here watching
And strangely, when we pay close attention
Nothing is missing

Content With Now

This is the year to be content with now
A time to end the fear of time
Careworn crease and bitter smile
It’s time to let go the heavy weight
Of the person we think we should be
This is the year to forget our years
Too old, too young, too middle aged
There is no age at which we could be
Better off than we are now
So take back time from that tyrant thought
That ranges wide to find some fear, some lost regret
And instead give some space to Now
The rain outside, the last few leaves on the wind
Wait not for spring but be right now
The best you’ve ever been
Be content with Now

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected