The hidden path

We seek a master like a religion
A god to show us the hidden path
Lost souls are we, moaning in the wilderness
Our greatest fear drives us on
Back to the cave we dread to enter
But even in the darkest place
The mind’s eye beholds a shining light
The person we wish to be
A glorious knight, strength of body
To serve our new found strength of character
All we need is something other than ourselves
To believe
A guru, a cause, a righteous war within
An ideal held up
The teacher we long to become
But never quite to excel
A beautiful story, this mystic’s path
An unfolding adventure for us alone
And at the summit what will we find?
Another, different, master to follow
A procession of projected perfection
At which to strive
Or the end of all journeys and an inconsolable sadness
The enlightenment at innocence’s end?


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