The sea, always so close
Join us, it whispers
Find your end, and your beginning
But still I race my race
Me against whomever
And check the foundations
Of these towers we build
Tall but fragile along the waterside


The space between heartbeats

The Mirror of Truth

The wind made the green grass dance and wave,
As the sun caught the traces of evening dew,
And the falling yellow leaves.
There and then I fell in love with the world,
In the space between heartbeats,
Before one thought could follow another
And tell me what I wanted was not what was there

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Socks on

Socks on, grab my keys
Out into the morning air
Mist and cold
Fresh like fire
Jumping rope
Tap, tap thud
The punch bag jumps
Grunt and swing the kettle bell
All my life down to this
A moment’s calm amidst the storm

Drinking Milk

You lay there babe
Drinking milk
Fluffy hair and lidded eyes
Your tiny fingers stroke my arm
And all the world seems right

Move the World

Crying, tears, no stopping this tidal wave
Of who knows what emotion?
Tiredness, hunger, pain
Or crying for crying sake
Does it matter?
All I can do is hold you
And tell you I’ll move the world for you

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected