Night is coming

Billowing rain
Strikes a discordant note
With the frantic waving
Of yellow leaves
In the corner of my eye
A light blinks on in a doorway
Night is coming


The path

Happiness isn’t like the weather
Rainy one day sun the next
It’s the path worn up the mountainside
By your own feet

A Pearl

Seek your bliss, yes climb
But the mountaintop has no meaning
Without the valley below –
Wreathed all in shadowy confusion
And where else can one go when on high
But down?
Seek instead then for a deeper contentment
One at home on high or in the depths of despair
A pearl left behind by the giddy tide
A sense of worth untouched
By the senseless turnings of a life beyond control

Mind of Man

No past or future
Just the ever present wave
Ever spreading
Carrying us along
In eddies ever more complex
An none more complex
Than the mind of man

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected