Edge of a storm

The edge of a storm
Wind in the long grass and trees
A gate bangs open


Water on pebbles

Water on pebbles
Wind in the eaves of houses
I shiver under covers
More from thought than cold
The baby cries at a dream
A stirring in the dark
In the morning we walk
Under cold, colourful skies
I rub my toddlers feet
Life is like this –
Moment to moment, unbroken

Dying not to die

I’m dying not to die
Sick to death of sickness
Fed up with loss
And weary with the bullshit
People tell themselves
To rationalise their end
What if we didn’t need to dream
Pray, or pretend?
But through the light of science
Live again and again
In every fascinating permutation
A thousand adventures
In a hundred worlds
Never be in a rush
And never be bored?

Morn is dark

Rain taps on the glass
Tick of the radiator
Outside, morn is dark

Gummy-eyed morning

Gummy-eyed morning
Food and toys lay strewn about
Toddler rules the roost

Top off the world

Wide open sky
Like the top has come off the world
A single cloud
Arms whipped out to the edge of infinity
Like a shadow on the wall
Between all we know and cannot know

We need time

We need time
Time to breathe and time to grow
Time to put things right
Time to kick winter’s wolf from the door
Clear up the mounting leaves of decay
And with a new, unhurried step
Take back all we thought not worth our time

Spider’s Silk

Fine as spider’s silk
The threads of this dream
Just a touch and they are gone
The shadow of a memory
In morning’s light

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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