Happy 2015!

We are all labouring under the delusion that we are in control of life
True happiness lays in the acceptance that we are not
And yet even with that knowledge
We may not be able to accept
That our control is an illusion
For we are all human and fallible
But also wonderful
And may surprise even ourselves
So here’s to a year of acceptance
And surprising ourselves
Happy 2015!



Grace to accept it

Peace, that most elusive state
A gift, a state of grace
It cannot be won by right of conquest
We cannot make our world peaceful
Until we have the grace to accept it


Accepting that you can change nothing,
changes everything.

New Shoots

In the darkness of the earth
None shall see the sun,
And yet it is there:
Waiting, wondering when growth will come.
In the pitch of night,
Nothing is more certain
Than light will crack the dark,
A pendulum that must swing up
As surely as down,
A child that must grow
As surely as we must die,
And if the seed of death is carried by life,
Then death must usher in new life;
A potential bursting into being,
Rocks tumbling down a hill.
Let us not rejoice in the hidden acorn,
Nor the mighty oak we may one day be,
But the first green shoots of morning,
The dew not yet trampled,
By the Kingdom of the dawn.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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