Fading of the Day

She sat on my knee
And said she loved me
Sun bright hair and wicked smile
But time took her away
Friends like brothers
A careless age
We thought it would never end
But nothing outlasts time
With each turn of the hand
Poor memory
Takes place of vigour
Our steps track down
A shrinking path
In the fading of the day



Flirty thirty?
At thirty three I flirt with nought but age.
With youth burned away so brightly,
Can we believe there’s more ahead than left behind?
Piled up memories like weights in the deep
Above a foggy dawn split by sea
And bursting lungs bound to rise,
Gasp and grasp at life-
Choking children to keep our place,
Masters who teach no students to excel them.
I’ve had enough of being myself
Its time to try someone else,
So thank you age for making it so,
Warp drive to alien stars.
No choice left but to abandon ship
And find what’s waiting behind the curtain
Of life not yet lived –
The old man I’ll become.
I hope he has something good to say
And regrets not a single day,
Mistakes and triumphs all the same
Because they made me him.


The price paid for our excesses
are writ large,
On faces creased with sorrow
or with joy,
Scars worn with pride & love,
A life lived fully till the end

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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