Is that me?

Bad mood sits like a cloud
Hunger, tiredness, impatience
Imperfect brain and body
Intelligence looks at the animal in the mirror
Is that me?


Awareness 4

Are there better kinds of awareness? Is there a better subject for awareness that whatever happens to catch at our attention? If by chance we happen to learn or are taught to anchor our attention on our breath, we gain a valuable advantage – to see one thing clearly rather than magpie-like, alight our attention only on scattered things. We can be assured that:
1. breathing is always present;
2. once learnt the trigger will regularly bring our attention back to the breath; and
3. unless in a highly charged state one will always have enough concentration to spare to watch our breathing. Indeed the very watching of our breath can act as a control over our more unconscious and irrational states of mind.

Awareness 3

How does one know when one is not aware? It is impossible! For that we would need a thought to arise that states that we have been distracted. But by its very existence it proves that we are aware. The thought might claim there was a point in the past when we were not aware, but that is just a thought occurring now, within our awareness. We only have thought’s word for it that there was ever a past moment, when we were not aware.

Awareness 2

Also, do we really have a choice about when we are aware and what we are aware of? One becomes aware of something only when the following are satisfied:
1. that thing is in the vicinity;
2. we are prompted by an unconscious trigger to notice it; and
3. there is sufficient mental energy or concentration to spare, I.e. we are not distracted by something else.

Awareness 1

Awareness is all very well, but awareness of what? There is no awareness without something to be aware of. One cannot simply be aware of awareness, there is nothing there!


In the very beginning
I had no knowledge,
I did not even know
That I did not know,
Now all I can claim
Is that I know I do not know,
So let us begin.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (film)

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What if this was Groundhog Day?

What if we were condemned to only ever see this one day?

To never know the future we dream of…From the lottery of our lives, which day would we live? A day on the beach in the Bahamas? Or sleeping on the terminal floor of an snowed in airport? And should that make a difference?

All happiness is relative – but if you had only this one day what would there be to compare it to?

Its Groundhog Day. Live the day you’ve been given.

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