Clever concepts

All clever concepts close but no cigar
For when the field is in the field
It is no longer the field


Silence becomes a sound

This can never be held on to
For then nothing is represented by something
Then silence becomes a sound

No thought

Can you hear silence
Or see darkness
How about think no thought?


Watch the body breathing
The heart beating
The brain thinking
See the spoiled plans
The frustration
And behind it all find something
Perfectly ordinary
In suffering as much as in pleasure


Conundrums, puzzles and riddles
What is the sound of one hand clapping?
When a tree falls in the woods with no one to hear it, does it make a sound?
What am I?
Just tricks to make you seek the answer
To tie your thoughts in knots
When the true answer
Is to have the courage
To leave even the most burning question
In this lies the answer to all things

Nothing anywhere to hold on to

Though we may not know it
We are in the business of sifting randomness
Of taking this rampant, unruly life
And fishing for those tid-bits we like best
When an unlimited ocean stretches before us
To find that one solution
To an ever changing equation
A question that will not be still
But changes the questioner as soon as it is asked
And so this search goes on to exhaustion
To sleep, and on again
In desperation
In inspiration
Swimming for the north star
In the shifting surface
Of this restless sea
And nothing anywhere to hold on to

You are

You are the contents of your mind
You are changing constantly
You are still
You are ashamed of what you are
You are everything you want to be
You are a mystery to unravel
You are boring
You are mindful of your mind
You are blissfully ignorant
You are defending a thought to the death
You are exhausted
You have everything worked out
You are powerless and falling apart
You do not exist
You are the most important thing in the universe
You are enlightened
You are absurd
You are the sum of electrons in the brain
You are a miracle
You are all of these things
You are none of them
You are…

In the moment

How can I be in the moment?
That sentence is replete with error
I can do nothing but be in the moment;
The two are one and the same
Even forgetting this is also in the moment
As completely and utterly as enlightenment
Is non-enlightenment
Thus the sentence is good:
How can I be in the moment?


What thought are you fighting today?

Vivid the dream

We are a dream
Dreamt up by a brain
So vivid is the dream
The brain’s forgotten it’s dreaming!

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