Conquer Fear

One cannot conquer fear
Only love something so much more
You would happily die
To save it


Wild Thing

My heart beats like a wild thing,
What am I afraid of?
Perhaps not knowing is the source of this fear,
Recognition the body has its own rhythms,
Its own unconscious reasons
For making me slave to this fear.
I can doubt all but the existence of doubt,
The future beckons with one hand and threatens with the other –
The price of being human,
Always looking back and projecting forwards,
It is our nature to be unnatural,
To look everywhere for answers that will, at last, solve the problem of death.
But the only solution is to live life,
Rejoice in the flip of the coin that gave us this bounty,
It will not be our forever,
And therein lies the source of this fear –
Losing the gift we have been given for free,
Never when we expect,
Each moment casts a shadow,
Life is never free of death,
The knot with strands of both is inseparable,
Wound too tight this paradox is the heart of this truth,
It cannot be solved only lived,
Cannot be broken up only ingested whole,
Cannot be denied only accepted,
And so this heart beats on too fast,
A wild thing that must run its course
In words and rhyme and breath,
In other words, by living.


Fear is a good servant, but a terrible master.


Giving up the labels we cling to –
our looks, our job , our family and name –
feels a lot like dying.
But it is only by giving up everything we think we are
That we can experience ultimate freedom.
Freedom from loss,
Freedom from fear itself…

Fear of what comes next

When the fear of what comes next is over,
The endless holiday of the present begins,
For what is a holiday-
If it is not a time and place free from caring
About the world and your place in it?
Your place is now,
The world is now,
You are now.
So let us take this next step together,
Just this small, tiny step
And let the rest emerge as it will,
Seagulls on a deck-
Can leave anytime,
Without being aware they are free,
So let’s all stop sailing for worrytown
Shall we?

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected