Work is done

Aching arms
A good feeling
When work is done



Tea hot on my tongue
Drive the tiredness from these bones
Forget the day gone
I’ve longed to see you
Curled up and smiling at me

Three Years

Three years of writing,
Three years of reading, musing
Three years time well spent!

Thankyou WordPress!

The course

Intention-less wonder;
This life that blows me from the course
I never knew I’d set

A caged cat

This writing like a caged cat,
All ferocity-
Majestic promise,
Like the dawn it can never be owned,
Just contained awhile
For the pleasure
Of passing admirers

Deep Hidden Treasure

Deep hidden treasure,

Lost under boulder and stone,

No self left in light!

Submitted for The Purple Treehouse Haiku Challenge 🙂

The Other Me

Another post inspired by Stephanie at BeKindRewrite. The random words she suggested put me in mind of those times in life when we seem to cross paths with the young dreamer we once were, and for that moment can be again:

Was it me or merely dream,
The day I stood upon that isle,
And did not wish to build a raft,
Or sail the wind’s sweet memory?


The boy back then stood lost by mind,
Breathing air exhaling nought,
Tears streaked his face he knew not why,
Save perhaps he could not stay.


The emptiness of that regret,
Is lost upon the spool of time,
Save when sharp path of other lives
Does cut back the veil of dreamer’s isle


And in a moment of soft regret,
A tender sigh escapes these lips,
For the man pulled up by this tide,
And the other me so left behind.

On another matter completely, many thanks to all who read my submission to the perfect poet award.  It holds regular rallies and is a great place to read the work of other poets and get read yourself. To all those who read and liked thanks for the award! Check out the other winners here.

My acceptance haiku:

When the mind is lost,
Amid the notes of life’s song,
At last it is home .

I would like to nominate for further reading Pat Cegan of Source of Inspiration.

Haiku #28


What you’re looking for

you will find in abundance;

So look for good things!


Haiku #27


Good or very bad,

happiness is relative,

once you’re used to change

Haiku #26


My reflection is useful,

but it is not me,

what I am cannot be known

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