​Daughter in my arms
People play along the beach
What more can one say?


Hint of Spring

A first hint of spring
Life sparks in a weary world
From mud flowers bloom

Edge of a storm

The edge of a storm
Wind in the long grass and trees
A gate bangs open

Morn is dark

Rain taps on the glass
Tick of the radiator
Outside, morn is dark

Gummy-eyed morning

Gummy-eyed morning
Food and toys lay strewn about
Toddler rules the roost

Tomorrow Comes

Watch ticks out it’s time
This day could last a lifetime
Soon tomorrow comes


Shoulders hunched over
Sun is bright in a blue sky
Neck straining upwards


Eyes gaze at daddy
One day he will outmatch me
Feet kick impatient


Vexing paradox!
The better a post I write
The less folks like it

Tired Eyes

Tired eyes don’t regret
The night before
But they are still tired

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