Sleeps On

Baby in the buggy
Walking, stopping, looking
Chatting in in the park
Sunshine and cloud
On the way back we shelter under boughs
Baby sleeps


Taste it

No one else can taste it
See it
Or hear it for you
To truly know it
You must live it

Conquer Fear

One cannot conquer fear
Only love something so much more
You would happily die
To save it

The sensitive mind

The sensitive mind keeps one eye on its own internal state. If it feels stress, a feeling of striving for something, any acceleration from a balanced state of peace, it is immediately reminded of its mistake in maintaining a position different to that of life happening now. Then, by itself, it is encouraged to move back into balance.

Suffering is a sign

Suffering is a sign, an immensely valuable reminder that reality is clashing with some stubbornly held view – of ourselves, or how we think the world should be. It is a warning to let go of our views, our expectations. It is a promise to only get worse and more tiring, until we release the story of ‘our’ life, and simply enjoy what is.

Now to Now

Time, what’s the deal with time? When we fall into the mindset of what could have, or might yet be, we fall into the trap of time. The trap where free spirits such as we mess up our lives, doing somehow worse than we should have done. With the weight of terrible responsibility we criticise our actions in hindsight, we castigate the judgement of others, being different to our own. We reject those things in the world, and in ourselves, which do not correspond to our favoured view. We add 2 and 2 and come up with 7, we acknowledge only that which reinforces the thoughts we want, or fear, to believe. We take the ghost in the machine and torture him, we tear her apart for all the ills we find. It’s my fault, it’s her fault, it’s all gone wrong; life’s not what it’s supposed to be. As if it needs our say so! And all because we believe our story through time. I once was there, now here I am, maybe one day soon life will be better. We dream of heaven and make ourselves a home in hell.

The only answers we will ever find are happening now. That pain, those tears, that sweet regret. That joy, that fear, those anxious butterflies of anticipation. These are all the answers we’ll ever need, for what is – is, and are all that is required. There is no ideal state, no better solution than the one we have right now. So chill, so kick back, or maybe scream and shout. If it’s there it’s needed, no better way could be found for this bright life to find its way, from here to here, from now to now.

Heaven and Hell

It is our belief in heaven
In some foreign place
Some other time
That creates hell
Here and now

One Mind and many minds

Viewed from the perspective of Satori, thoughts continue but are seen in a different light. The mind is settled because thoughts such as ‘I shouldn’t be thinking this, I should be thinking that’ cease to have any weight. The state that is is flawless because whatever is occurring or not occurring is exactly what should be happening or not happening! This is what is meant as ‘One Mind’. The speculations of many minds are seen to for what they are, just the natural background activity of the human mind, they no longer carry the ‘weight of karma’. Everything may go on just as before, yet everything is utterly changed for the better.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is achieved one way only, by making peace with your own thoughts, which tend to do what they want anyway. You make peace with them by letting them be, by keeping your attention on their ebb and flow without offering any resistance. The only caveat is that you should have a strong anchor, some external reference that prevents you from being lost in your thoughts. This is like swimming in a fast flowing river, whilst keeping your head above water.

This moment

In all the possible worlds
In all he varied landscapes of our imagination
This moment in time is all that matters.
In it can be found all the magic and wonder of the universe
And all possibilities are manifest here
In the perfectly ordinary
Perfectly extraordinary
Unfolding of everyday life.
For if one day is not special
Then no day is
For the facts of our existence are unchanging:
That we live is a miracle
That we can appreciate it is a second miracle
And that we can communicate this to others a third
All we need do is not forget it.

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