Biggest Fish

Life streams by
Water through the net
The few fish caught make us who we are
A pale distorted image
Of our own history
Easily lost in the eddies and swirls of living
While the biggest fish swims free


Is that me?

Bad mood sits like a cloud
Hunger, tiredness, impatience
Imperfect brain and body
Intelligence looks at the animal in the mirror
Is that me?

A hair’s breadth

Who do you think you are, today?
You are Wrong
You are Right
And not a hair’s breadth in-between


It is our identity we cherish and fear for.
But all identities, all words, all knowledge will pass;
Nothing stays the same.
But when we let go of our small ‘me before you’ identity
We are no longer divided but whole,
Both within ourselves and with each other.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected