To ask for a reason is a childish thing
Life comes first
All reasons follow



​Daughter in my arms
People play along the beach
What more can one say?

Life sideways

Looking at life sideways
Reveals the shadows that dance
Away from bright sunlight
The gentle tinkle and chime
Of an orchestra
Only noticed
When the soloist goes quiet

Warm rain

I would be angry
If the light were not so soft
Warm rain lashes down

Cursed beast

Time, that cursed beast
That makes you trade an ocean
For a muddy pond
Every moment of your life gone too soon
One hundred thousand little deaths a day
And once again tomorrow

Merry go round

Rooks thrown across the skyline
Like paper bags in the wind
Toddler sits on the merry go round
The centre of his own storm
Be at the centre of your own storm

Water on pebbles

Water on pebbles
Wind in the eaves of houses
I shiver under covers
More from thought than cold
The baby cries at a dream
A stirring in the dark
In the morning we walk
Under cold, colourful skies
I rub my toddlers feet
Life is like this –
Moment to moment, unbroken


The most exciting idea, the most terrifying thought, is nothing next to the calming power of watching your own breath, and realising it is not you doing it.


Laughter can brighten the darkest moment.

Learn something new everyday

Never stop learning, stop growing. New experiences keep life fresh and exciting.

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