Awareness 4

Are there better kinds of awareness? Is there a better subject for awareness that whatever happens to catch at our attention? If by chance we happen to learn or are taught to anchor our attention on our breath, we gain a valuable advantage – to see one thing clearly rather than magpie-like, alight our attention only on scattered things. We can be assured that:
1. breathing is always present;
2. once learnt the trigger will regularly bring our attention back to the breath; and
3. unless in a highly charged state one will always have enough concentration to spare to watch our breathing. Indeed the very watching of our breath can act as a control over our more unconscious and irrational states of mind.


Deep Time

Deep time, still time, silent time.
Where the echo of our lives
beats a distant drum,
barely heard now, over the drip, drip,
sigh of wind and steady rhythm of the earth.
Here I’m home and here I’m found.
Never before have I known the joy
of silent mind, enclosing all,
and only here, but it’s ever here,
Where I’m home and where I’m found.

Gusts of thought

Gusts of thought,
Do bend my mind past breaking.
Repeated wisdom offers no aid,
In this darkened place.
Far above a star shines fitfully,
The traveler’s only hope –
To give up hope,
And in the vacuum left behind,
Discover a glittering absence –
That delights in both light and darkness,
But is moved by neither.


In the very beginning
I had no knowledge,
I did not even know
That I did not know,
Now all I can claim
Is that I know I do not know,
So let us begin.


A thin umbra of light,

All beyond is darkness, irrelevance,

There is only the now,

The fist, the blood and the pain…

And the joy, the unbearable, unbreakable joy

Of living,

In pure concentration,

This poem –

All that’s left behind

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected