Do I dwell

My stories curl around these trees
These house fronts
Ghosts that haunt and twist the bright daylight of this old town
Into shadows and memory
And there, not here
Do I dwell


Biggest Fish

Life streams by
Water through the net
The few fish caught make us who we are
A pale distorted image
Of our own history
Easily lost in the eddies and swirls of living
While the biggest fish swims free


We know we are in peril
Behind the short span of light
Beyond the passing of memory
Making us less than we were

Fades to Grey

Thought – a regurgitated memory,
Repeated again and again,
An image blinding eyes that would see clearly,
If not for this litany of comparisons,
This life escaped from,
Pain fled and pleasure sought,
Till all fades to grey.

Being Human

These cliffs of wind borne memory,
Do carry me back to you now –
The warmth of your thighs
Keeps winter at bay,
Out there where frigid white-tips,
Scull a course remote
From fire’s warm light,
Where passion’s yearning
Keeps us human still

The Maelstrom

My feet tread
an unfamiliar life,
My own is changing
A flow I don’t wish to stop,
Yet I look back and shed a tear
Now and again,
I’m only human
and no-one told me it had to be this way:
Always forward nothing left behind,
But the memory in the now,
Always in the now.
You could have fooled me though,
Have I not lived a thousand lives before?
A thousand still to go down-stream,
Somewhere in the maelstrom,
I hope I’ll be fine.

Heartstring Towns
Let us play this game of Kings,
In this homely and humble room,
That holds the magic
Of half adult, half childhood time,
It’s been too long,
Do not think I will not travel,
The cobbled streets and heartstring towns
Of the past to find you,
And pull you back to the place you never left,
My true and oldest friend

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected