The discontent

The discontent I call it
Great or small
The only constant
In this roaming sea
I call a mind


Outline of a mind

Clouds form about the hillside
An eddy in a stream circles the rock
My pen moves over paper
Making its own pattern
An outline of a mind
That lives like a shadow hardly changing
With the passing forms that cast it

Nothing anywhere to hold on to

Though we may not know it
We are in the business of sifting randomness
Of taking this rampant, unruly life
And fishing for those tid-bits we like best
When an unlimited ocean stretches before us
To find that one solution
To an ever changing equation
A question that will not be still
But changes the questioner as soon as it is asked
And so this search goes on to exhaustion
To sleep, and on again
In desperation
In inspiration
Swimming for the north star
In the shifting surface
Of this restless sea
And nothing anywhere to hold on to

It’s Nature

Thought cannot gain so much
As a finger-hold on this rock
Yet one cannot blame it for trying
For such is it’s nature

A thought repeated

What is the mind?
A thought oft repeated
That allows other thoughts to be…

You are

You are the contents of your mind
You are changing constantly
You are still
You are ashamed of what you are
You are everything you want to be
You are a mystery to unravel
You are boring
You are mindful of your mind
You are blissfully ignorant
You are defending a thought to the death
You are exhausted
You have everything worked out
You are powerless and falling apart
You do not exist
You are the most important thing in the universe
You are enlightened
You are absurd
You are the sum of electrons in the brain
You are a miracle
You are all of these things
You are none of them
You are…

A hair’s breadth

Who do you think you are, today?
You are Wrong
You are Right
And not a hair’s breadth in-between


What thought are you fighting today?

Suffering is

Suffering is:
Believing a thought
Engaging with the thought
Fighting the thought
Forgetting the image is just a thought


To experience calm
We must first experience the storm
Make the storm,  be the storm, accept the storm
And forever be calm

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