​Daughter in my arms
People play along the beach
What more can one say?


Water on pebbles

Water on pebbles
Wind in the eaves of houses
I shiver under covers
More from thought than cold
The baby cries at a dream
A stirring in the dark
In the morning we walk
Under cold, colourful skies
I rub my toddlers feet
Life is like this –
Moment to moment, unbroken

In the moment

How can I be in the moment?
That sentence is replete with error
I can do nothing but be in the moment;
The two are one and the same
Even forgetting this is also in the moment
As completely and utterly as enlightenment
Is non-enlightenment
Thus the sentence is good:
How can I be in the moment?

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected