Feelings, thought, intuition and sensing

Feeling is…

Geese hooting at the moon over water,

The gentle lap of waves on the shore

Thinking is…

Tilting scales on creaking chain,

Not a grain of sand is lost

Intuition is…

Sparks that fly from the fireside,

Eyes that stray to the stars

Sensing is…

Soil under feet,

Loamy taste of earth on fingers


Haiku #26


My reflection is useful,

but it is not me,

what I am cannot be known

The Eye that sees everything but itself

An image remote, floating in a pond
Like the moon seems far away,
But it is right here-
At hand in the centre of life,
Like the eye that sees everything
But itself,
This is the true self with no name,
There is no need to find it,
It cannot be found for it cannot be lost,
It is what you are-
Acting, thinking, living

All by itself.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014
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