The most exciting idea, the most terrifying thought, is nothing next to the calming power of watching your own breath, and realising it is not you doing it.



Laughter can brighten the darkest moment.

Learn something new everyday

Never stop learning, stop growing. New experiences keep life fresh and exciting.

Find your passion

Find your passion and your every day will be enriched by it.

Be kind to others

We are all the same, we just start in different places. Some never got to learn what you have. Be kind to them.

Be kind to yourself

We all make mistakes, so give yourself a break.

Don’t Worry

You can’t control the future, so why worry about it?

Be Brave

It only takes a moment of bravery to change your life forever.

Work Hard

If you try and don’t succeed, at least you won’t have any regrets.

Tell the Truth

The quickest way to unhappiness is to tell a lie.

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