In the moment

How can I be in the moment?
That sentence is replete with error
I can do nothing but be in the moment;
The two are one and the same
Even forgetting this is also in the moment
As completely and utterly as enlightenment
Is non-enlightenment
Thus the sentence is good:
How can I be in the moment?


Nothing is Missing

To be human is to be impermanent
Everything changes, sometimes on a daily basis
In all this change what can we hold on to?
This central preoccupation has possessed mankind for millennia
Gods, Egos and all our clever creations
Have failed to meet this basic need
For an anchor
And so we come back to this present moment
Thoughts come and go as they must
Other people come and go as they must
Our happiness comes and goes as it must
But we are still here watching
And strangely, when we pay close attention
Nothing is missing


This moment is sacrosanct. Every past event led here and all future possibilities are dependent upon it. This is the first step into a more immediate world, where we are less distracted by what could have, or might yet, be.

Embrace the moment

Embrace the moment,
Close the gaps in attention,
Where life drains away.

(C) Copyright Mark B Williams 2014 Registered & Protected