I may try
The patience of a saint
But never doubt my love
It shines through the darkest cloud
As hot as the day we met
As loyal as the earth
Beneath your feet



So many lives
Lost in long ago
The girl I never kissed
The job I didn’t take
The road untravelled or the party missed
We value what we left behind
Our youth rolled up and smoked
The beer bottle drained
Before the lights came on and sent us home
Chapters written and forgotten before we knew the book could end
But somehow we can’t forget
We dream we’re still that boy, that girl
Lost now in another time
What is this force that pulls me back
Is it you?
We said goodbye
And now I’m not me
And you’re not you
It’s enough to make me shed a tear
And wish that it was yesteryear

My heart stays with you

No matter the path I walk
The words I say
Or the deeds I do
Amongst other folks
Where work, duty, or my own folly has taken me
My heart stays with you


Pernicious, perennial, insufferable hope.
If only I could be rid of you,
I would be free.


Eyes gaze at daddy
One day he will outmatch me
Feet kick impatient

Muddy Puddle Muse

Where have you gone, muse?
What heights do you climb
Without me by your side?
I thought I had your love forever
At the tip of my pen
Your blood flowed
My dreams haunted
My life not my own
But with mastery comes peril
With strength, hubris
And from assurance, neglect
Now I take out my old trophies
And polish them for your reflection
Hoping in this muddy puddle
To see the sky

Time to sleep

All gone
Energy expended
Angst expelled
Worry exorcised
Life lived and nothing left behind
Time to sleep

Lost to the sea

A town on the tip of the world
Where people come to surf, to have fun
To get married
A girl from a line of beauty queens
Class president, prom queen
But somehow doesn’t fit the mould
She’d rather sneak off to play football
Or box
Yet charms everyone she meets
I knew that morning
In the pit of my stomach, she’s gone
As soon as I see crowds gather along the beach and watch the stormy sea
Whilst we drank and dined
While I left my car at the reception and took a taxi
Never thinking of trouble
The girl I met so briefly
But made such a print on my heart
Was gone
For some reason I thought she’d thrown herself to her death
But no, she was taken
Forever to dwell in books and steal the the show in a film
And never be forgotten
The least by me

What I have lost

Deep the places of the earth
To which I take my shame
For who could replace you?
An ocean for our tears
Or a maze of tunnels and stairs
To get back
What I have lost

Good to be Alive

Smoke from the chimney
Fish n Chips heavy on the clear evening air
There’s something pure and profound here
Hard to pin down
Shit it’s good to be alive

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