We shouldn’t resent the mayflies
But we do,
So full of life for a season
Long legs and breasts a-bursting
In a few years career and kids will take their toll
But tonight they’re timeless
And we yearn to be with them
Those doors are closed now
Yet do I pick at the lock
So I might be young, again.


Do I dwell

My stories curl around these trees
These house fronts
Ghosts that haunt and twist the bright daylight of this old town
Into shadows and memory
And there, not here
Do I dwell


If we fail
If we dwindle and die
It was a beautiful dream we lived
To give all we had
And what is failure really
If it can paint such a story of hope?

Shared Universe

What purpose of life can their be
But to creatively –
And by that I mean honesty
Express that one mean corner of existence
That is uniquely you?

For we are forever worlds apart
You and I
Except when in words
We create a shared universe
To pour all the joys and hurts
Of our common existence
Then we are One

Prefer the Darkness

Wind whips wind ships
Me to places new
Sometimes I think
I prefer the darkness
The treasures lost in snow
I might never find


I feel a peace and stillness
In my soul
In the sight and silence
Of the snow

Only for itself

Then what is left
Why do anything?
Thats it precisely the answer
Do it only for itself
Never for another reason
Another time
That exists only as thought


It is only through our inventiveness
And by extension, our self delusion
That we put off our despair
And hence its resolution

Discipline of Breath

Discipline of breath
You need less air than you think
Slow strokes take you home


Luminous icebergs
In a moonlit azure sky
Slowly drifting by
Like the days of my life
Beautiful from far away
Like the sound of wind
In distant pines
Hinting at things we cannot see

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