To ask for a reason is a childish thing
Life comes first
All reasons follow


​Daughter in my arms
People play along the beach
What more can one say?

Sweet Silence

Sweet silence
Gives meaning to sound
Too much sound though
And can one hear
The sound of silence?

Identical app

There is only one ‘I’ in the world
An identical app
Running on 7 billion brains
Spread by language
Never changing
Eternally now
Always thinking of other things

Think second

Breathe first
Think second

Life sideways

Looking at life sideways
Reveals the shadows that dance
Away from bright sunlight
The gentle tinkle and chime
Of an orchestra
Only noticed
When the soloist goes quiet

Long tides

Long tides of life
May draw us from forbidden stars
But even through the deepest fog
New lands still lure us
Onwards! Upwards! Do not rest!

Edges of perception

Rain in the jacuzzi
A toddlers feet in clear, cold sea
Wind whipping the sunlit tree tops
Around and above all we see
Is a beautiful contrast
A goldmine at the edges of perception

Warm rain

I would be angry
If the light were not so soft
Warm rain lashes down


Patch of wildflowers
Next to the roundabout
Wind blows
My heart moves with them

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