I may try
The patience of a saint
But never doubt my love
It shines through the darkest cloud
As hot as the day we met
As loyal as the earth
Beneath your feet


So many lives
Lost in long ago
The girl I never kissed
The job I didn’t take
The road untravelled or the party missed
We value what we left behind
Our youth rolled up and smoked
The beer bottle drained
Before the lights came on and sent us home
Chapters written and forgotten before we knew the book could end
But somehow we can’t forget
We dream we’re still that boy, that girl
Lost now in another time
What is this force that pulls me back
Is it you?
We said goodbye
And now I’m not me
And you’re not you
It’s enough to make me shed a tear
And wish that it was yesteryear


Sweet relief of night
Warm embracing dark
Forget the business of the day
In favour of sleep
Let it’s tide wash me out
Let it’s forests lose me
Let it’s tales of long ago
Regale me, haunt me, fill me
With sharp, bright emotions
Then send me swimming from the depths
Striving to remember
That I own this body
Or it owns me
But until then –
Let me sleep

Happy 2015!

We are all labouring under the delusion that we are in control of life
True happiness lays in the acceptance that we are not
And yet even with that knowledge
We may not be able to accept
That our control is an illusion
For we are all human and fallible
But also wonderful
And may surprise even ourselves
So here’s to a year of acceptance
And surprising ourselves
Happy 2015!


My heart stays with you

No matter the path I walk
The words I say
Or the deeds I do
Amongst other folks
Where work, duty, or my own folly has taken me
My heart stays with you


Pernicious, perennial, insufferable hope.
If only I could be rid of you,
I would be free.


Eyes gaze at daddy
One day he will outmatch me
Feet kick impatient

Muddy Puddle Muse

Where have you gone, muse?
What heights do you climb
Without me by your side?
I thought I had your love forever
At the tip of my pen
Your blood flowed
My dreams haunted
My life not my own
But with mastery comes peril
With strength, hubris
And from assurance, neglect
Now I take out my old trophies
And polish them for your reflection
Hoping in this muddy puddle
To see the sky

Let us remember them

Raw boys drawn from sleepy hamlets
From village greens and smokestack towns
Raised on dreams of glory
Charging to the fray
On fields of honour and fair play
Queensbury rules, not a knife in the back
Now they paint the muddy fields of France with their blood
Cut to ribbons by machine gun fire
Lungs bloody full of mustard gas
Ears pounded by the ceaseless shells
That fill their dreams now
Pound and smash, they never stop
Barbwire pins them into history
Dried butterflies of a genus lost
They died so we might live
We might say
With knowledge they never had
We do not know the future
But we know the penalty
Should we ever commit such folly again

The Diver

A diver falls straight for the sea
Is he a diver, did he make that leap?
Or is he just a man
Who woke up falling
And decided to fall straight?

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